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Welcome to the World of Chiken Wrastlin'

Sponsored by Welches. Almost as good as wrastlin' chickens.

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In mememeorriumumum of...



"The chiken was this biiiiiiggggg"

One Hand NB.png

Willie Jr. Jr.

the III not the III

"You're welcome to the shirt off my back"


*Who tragically passed during an explosive chiken attak of the canaadion wil' fiures. let em rest in pices.

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Week in Review

We hope you've enjoyed this week full of chiken wrastlin'. lots was learned, but we dont think your chicken sized brains would remember any of it anyways, so we done writed it here for ya. if we forgots somethin, well, yall can go tell willie because hes so old, he wont hear ya anyways. If you want to relive your chiken deaths and victries, watched the vidayos downwards.

Glow Stick Tag

Navel Warfare

blind dodgeball

Alaskan baseball

water palooza

capture the flag

gaga ball tournament


Chiken Wrastlin' vidayos

Ooops...looks like sum chikens bit our wires. Those dang Wrascles!

Get ur Chiken Wrastlin' Mertch

Use codee "Cleetus" to git ur mertch at a 2% discownot.

0.5% each goes to Cleetus and Willie Jr. Jr. the III not the III to help with their funerol costes. The other 1% goes to Dan Green to help with Fothur dewties...whatevr that is...

Poke the Iball to git ur mertch

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